About Us

Florida PHCC is part of a three tiered National Association of plumbing & HVAC Contractors.This Web-Site has been designed for our members, prospective members and the public in choosing a licensed contractor. It is a resource guide that will assist you in communicating with the State and Local Legislative, Regulatory and Associate Committees and Continuing Education and Apprenticeship Programs.

Our goals are

  • Maintain the Health and Welfare of our Citizens
  • Educate Contractors and their Employees
  • Improve the Association by Bringing the Best of the Industry together
  • Protect the P-H-C Industries

Mission Statement

Florida’s Plumbing and HVAC Organization (FAPHCC) is an Association concerned with the health and safety of our society and the environment. Through a partnership of Industry Contractors, Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Industry affiliate members we stand as the voice of our industry in the State of Florida. To serve our associates benefit and future growth, our organization uses the nation’s leading technology, educational and training techniques to gain an economic advantage for our members in their chosen profession. With the highest of ethical standards, we pride ourselves as Florida’s strongest advocate for Plumbing and HVAC issues on Local, State and National levels.

Vision Statement

Florida PHCC is Florida’s single source, “value added” sponsor for Contractors, Manufacturers, Wholesalers and affiliate members in the Plumbing and HVAC industry. Accepting nothing less than excellence, our association will work tirelessly for your needs using the most economical, user-friendly, technically-knowledgeable and politically responsive tools the industry has to offer. Always keeping you and your business ahead of the competitor, our network of associates will place Florida PHCC as the model State for Plumbing and HVAC concerns at the National level.