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The oldest form of skill development in the world and used very early in the America's development.

  • George Washington apprenticed in surveying.
  • Benjamin Franklin apprenticed as a printer.
  • Paul Revere apprenticed as a silversmith.
  • The U.S. Congress enacted the National Apprenticeship Act in 1937.
  • The most prevalent apprenticeable trades after passage of the Act were in the manufacturing, construction and utilities industries.




Each year, the Apprenticeship programs at each of the Florida chapters sends the best of the best of their apprentices to compete at the annual State Convention and Trade Show. The winner of the State contest moves on to compete at the National Convention. Check back for details - coming soon!




To The Employer:

  • Provides systematic training to develop more informed and productive employees.
  • Receives recognition as a part of the National Apprenticeship Program, to create greater prestige through local and national recognition.
  • Creates fewer turnovers. Apprentices are more committed to the employer and the trade and have higher levels of job satisfaction.
  • Specifies training standards for journeyworker performance.
  • Requires a long-term commitment by the employee as a result of the length of training.
  • Reduces training costs.
  • Attracts better applicants and improves employer-employee relationships.
  • Develops a more competent employee capable of advancing to more responsible positions within the company and contributing to the company's bottom line.

To The Employee (Apprentice):

  • Earn while you learn. (Guaranteed and established progressive wage schedule.)
  • Develop a skill that will demand an above average wage.
  • Highly structured training.
  • Combination of on-the-job training and related technical classroom instruction.
  • Program is certified and sanction by the Office of Workforce Education in the Florida Department of Education.
  • Upon program completion, the Office of Workforce Education presents a certificate that is recognized and accepted worldwide.
  • Most often, continued employment with the program with the sponsor is provided.
  • Increased earning power.

To The Industry and Florida Citizens:

  • A training program that is truly driven by workforce demand.
  • A process for meeting the needs of the P-H-C Contractors.
  • Participants are contributing members (taxpayers) to the State’s economic growth.


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