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FAPHCC is the leader in Florida for Plumbing Specific Continuing Education. Each year our members receive all 14 hours of required CILB Approved Continuing Education for free. We believe in quality education and therefore seek out the most qualified instructors and content in the industry. Our member receive the highest quality continuing education and therefore are the most educated and advanced in the industry.

Free Member Webinars

PHCC offers FREE Member Only webinars to keep our members up to date on the newest technology, better business practices, lead generation techniques, and much more! These webinars can be attended real time or can be viewed on your own time. See below for some of our latest topics.

  • Health Care Reform - What You Need to Know to Begin to Prepare for the New Health Care Laws

  • 5 Mistakes No Business Owner Should Make

  • Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Technique

  • Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Top Technicians

  • Profit from Aging in Place Trend

  • Stainless Steel Vs. Copper

  • How GPS Tracking Can Solve Your Top 5 Fleet Management Challenges

Education Materials

PHCC offers discounts on a multitude of different education materials in the industry. We are constantly developing and bringing you in touch with the latest training guides and code updates. We have developed some of the best software in the industry. As a member, you will enjoy discounts on:

  • Florida 2010 ICC Code Books

  • Manuals & Handbooks

  • Software such as the PHCC Overhead & Profit Calculator and PHCC Labor Calculator

  • Employee Training Materials

  • Technical Support on Code and Technical Issues